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Had it just felt like it is still 2012?
How did 2012 passed by so quickly? 
It is already the 3rd week of 2013! 
Age seems to be catching up on me :(
Every year since 2011 I've been making resolutions so that I can improve and of course motivate myself to be better each year :)
Crap. I think I didn't managed to achieve much of my 2012 resolutions. 

1. Don't give up chasing dreams. And I did! :) I stepped out of my comfort zone and took up a brand new job challenge. Not really my dream but it is a start of something new and perhaps a step closer to my dream :)
2. Save money. On-going haha. And yes I did bought something I've been eye-ing on for years. Finally save enough to buy it! Very proud of myself eventhough a lot of people said it is ugly. Oh well. Haters gonna hate right? 
3. To be healthy and have tone body. Maybe not that tone yet but yes I increase my amount of time in the gym. Love the adrenaline rush of exercising. :)
4. Control my temper. And indeed I did! :) Maybe a little too control that I'm being taken advantage of at times man. Crap. Sighs.
5. Be more spontaneous. Does planning for a trip to Legoland, JB a week before we were supposed to depart spontaneous enough? Not forgetting that it was only Nik & I that went all the way to JB. Guess that was our little adventure! :D 
6. Learn how to bake. Yes I did too. I took up baking lesson to achieve some not so hard baking things. *proud* 
7. Do something unordinary. Hmm I think I didn't managed to achieve this. This year I am going to take this out. Because I don't even know what is unordinary :(
8. Take up a language course. Didnt managed to achieve this :( This year I will. Maybe Mandarin lesson? 

So what is my 2013 resolutions?

1. Traveling. 

Always will be my dream to just take a break from work once in awhile and escape KL. 
Doesn't have to be really far. Somewhere near will do as long as I had the best companion :)

2. Forgive but don't forget. 

I need to forget what other people did. Because forgiveness is something that every individual should do for themselves. Not for others. :) But never forget. Remembering taught you life lessons :)

3. Always have dreams.

Dreams. Everyone should have it. Without dreams you are just a hopeless mankind. So always have dreams be it big or small. Dreams are a way of telling yourself you can do it! :)

4. Be selective.

I must practice this everyday, every second from now on wards.  Sometimes being TOO nice leads to disaster. I got to learn that I can't be there for every single person. 

5. Learn to love and not afraid to be loved.

I always afraid to be loved. Everytime a person gets too close to me I will do something stupid that spoils everything. So this year I vow to not be afraid to be love. :) 

Have a great 2013 everyone! :)

3 Magic Words

It's already the second week of 2013! 
How time flies! 
I've been sick since a few days before the end of 2012. 
And now my sick just got worse. 
High fever, flu, sore throat, cough and swollen eyes.
2013 didn't start off quite good for me :(

Saw this post at Jane Chuckei's blog.

Find the first 3 magic words. 
And practice it for the whole 2013 :)

Mine is:

Love, Beauty, Humour

So what is your magic words? :)

Compilations of pictures

A compilations of pictures on Amelia's wedding ceremony :)

Amelia + Edwin's Actualy Wedding Day

Congrats my dear Amelia. Wishing you and Edwin happiness and till death do you guys apart :)
Years of your ups and downs relationship, witness you through happiness and sadness. I am glad that you share with me your special day and involve me in :)
And as for you both, the next chapter begins :)

Video by Keng's Cinematography


Word for thought!

Hen's Night

On 30th November, the jimuis throw a hen's night for Amelia 
After a long retirement from clubbing scene, I stepped in to Zouk
Yup this is how I feel now when I goes club. (-.-)
Very limited pictures. 
Even I don;t have picture with the bride because when I arrived in Zouk, bride and some of the jimuis were drunk.
Thank god Nikki was still sober. 
Nothing much to write about. The usual; dance, drink, see someone you know, hug, scream. lol.
And the best part is I did not even drink a single sip of alcohol. 
Oh how times has changed. lol.

With my muimui :)

Bumped into Euvin.

The boys. 
Drunkards (-.-)

Ending the post with a last picture of us :)

Worn out

Down with fever, flu, sore throat again.
This time it is even worse. Has a huge ulcer at the corner of my mouth.
And it looks like I have a swollen cheek (-.-)
I can't even talk properly and not forgetting can't eat solid food! 
The only thing that keeps me going is liquid food. 
Example milk, oats all liquid things la. 
You get the drift!
It hurts man :(
Please let me recover soon. This week is going to be hectic for me.
With strategy paper due, meeting with big boss and also planning for my babe wedding this coming Sunday :(
Give me strength or at least get my freaking ulcer out! :(

Never the less, I am the first few to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
Was down with bad cold and fever but nothing can stops me from watching Twilight :)
Got free tickets and invited my sister, Nikki :)
And asked her to invite her colleagues :)

Water retention face (-.-)

Great night indeed.
ok back to thinking and thinking.

Black & Red

Last Saturday, I attended another wedding dinner!
So far this is the best one I've attended. 
From decor to food to my dress haha wtf. 
Maybe because it is free flow of wine and other alcohols.
ya I am alcoholic like this :(
But it was the worst last minute preparation ever! 
I made appointment with this freelance makeup artist at 4pm to do my makeup and hair but can you believe she was freaking late and not only that she told me I got to wait because she has yet to finish another person! 
I waited until 5pm and I got so pissed off' I just told her, "forget it I am going to cancel." 

So Wilson being the nice person as he is at times wtf, he fetched me to Rossa Salon in Taman Tun.
So last minute okay! 
I felt so atas because 3 people doing my hair and makeup. haha.
Reached the hotel at around 8pm.
Thank god it hasnt start, if not sure dam sad :(

Venue: JW Mariott, KL

The wedding gift :)

Bride and groom dancing to Oppa Gangnam style to enter the ballroom.
So cute :)

With Charlotte :)

With the bride and groom.
Congrats newly wed :)
Awaiting for your full moon party next ;)

Vincent, Charlotte, Wilson

Err too many to name out.
And I forgot their names . ops :p

Baby Eden! :DDDD
Dam cute can! And he dam layan me!! *melts*

Ending the post with a #vain picture of myself. 
And continue the after party at The Pool after that.
I was dam tipsy that night :( 

Thank god November is a wedding free month.
The next one will be in December.
My Ame's wedding *can't wait* :)

Motivation and Determination

Looking back at my 2011 Xmas eve picture, I feel a little sad and depressed! 
Because now I am so fat okay! :( 
And my determination to eat HEALTHY all sudah hilang! Gone :(
Every meal is a cheat meal for me since I start working in Kraft Food :(
What gotten me into this dieting and healthy eating lifestyle?
I also dont know! Started since last year October 2011 when I started working. 
I only drink 1 cup of 3 in 1 coffee in the morning with my daily oatmeal for breakfast.
And lunch usual meal, which is whatever my colleague want to go. 
except for fruits.
But now, everytime i drink sweet things and eat so many desserts. FML.

Where the hell is my determination? :(((( 

Last year Christmas :(

And this year recent picture of myself.

I need my determination back ASAP.
Target: by Christmas this year!

The Last

Who, what, when, where and why.
A touching story on true love. 
I need to find my 6th lover as quote by Sabrina Tee


Last weekend, headed up to Genting for two nights stay.
Loving the companion. Whatsmore. Everything sponsored!
Stayed at Maxim Suite and having fine dining every night. 
Thank you Wayman for the everything. A great two nights spent indeed.
Listening to him talk about his career, life and everything really opens up my mind. 
Of course, seeing that he is 38 years old. 

So people been asking what you do in Genting at night when you don't even gamble!
Aah yes I never ever gamble even CNY
What I did. Chill of course.

White wine. yums. I am always a wine person. 
Yeayea call me high maintenance but other alcohol is bad for body okay! 

Cigar. :D #latestaddiction :)

And not forgetting these snacks! :D 
I love cashew nuts! I even ask for top up *blush*

If you are ever in Genting, go to The Olive for a great chill out :)
The wine is in a reasonable price too!

10 Things

If you spend most of your time staring at your wardrobe every morning before heading to work or even before you head out, you need to have at least these 12 things in your wardrobe! :)

1. Black pumps
You can wear it to office during the day and wear it for a night out. A pair of black pumps can dress up a simple outfit! :)

2. Khakis

Yes I know most of you girls will be eww khakis?!?! But trust me wearing black pants every day to work will get boring and getting a good pair either cropped, straight cut or cotton will do wonders! :)

3. Stylist flats

There are times when you need to give your feet a little rest and please do! because wearing heels everyday will cause injury! :( 

4. White shirt

Doesnt have to say too much isnt it? It is the most versatile piece a woman must have. White shirt can sets your imagination free! :D

5. Perfectly fitting jeans

Every woman must have at least two pairs! One in classic blue and one in dark denim. :)

6. Colorful cardigans

The easiest way you can jazz up an outfit. Have one black and white for work and for the weekend dress in colors for a flirty and fun look! 

7. Tote

Have an eye catching tote that can take you through work, weekend, party or anything! Never have the hassles of switching to a weekend bag. Okay I know most girls have a lot of bags but when you have the lazy days, you dont have to switch! :) 
mmm loving this bag from givency

8. The LBD

Choose a dress in light weight material that wont weigh you down! :)

9. Black pencil skirt

A black fitting skirt doesnt means you only need to wear it to work. You can even dress with a casual tee and heels for the weekend :)

10.  Nude stilletos

You will need it especially if you are wearing a bright outfits. Nude pumps will tone it down. Now you wouldn't want to pair a bright heels with bright outfit will you? :P

Hope this 10 Things helps you girls out there! :)

Health is wealth

Ugh. Down with on off fever again :(
The most health conscious one among the group but the easiest to fall sick! :(
Was freezing like mad in the office today. Literally feel like dying.

So people please do take care of your health starting today.
No matter how wealthy you are, you will never be able to enjoy it if you don't take good care of your health.

Found this on facebook this morning and I thought of sharing this with you guys!

Wonder why acne appears on certain areas of your face?

1 & 2: Digestive system
3: Liver
4, 5, 7 & 8: Kidney
6: Heart
9 & 10: Respiratory system
11 & 12: Hormones
13: Stomach
14: Illness

So if you constantly have acne on certain areas of your face, then you know which part of your body you should take extra care of! :)
Remember take good care of your health! :D

A year of weddings..

Hello! It's been awhile.
Recently this has been my overused sentence. 
I haven't been updating since ages that I think my blog is cover with spider webs already!
Been adjusting my new job :)
A little challenging trying to understand all of the terms and knowledge and also the skills but I am sure I can do it! :) 

Anyway, attended the ex wedding last month, September. Omg. Can you believe that it is nearly end of October already.
Where the hell did all my time goes to? 
It just felt like I just attended Ivan's wedding and product training for 2 weeks.

His wedding was held in..... god knows where but it is in Manjalara and some Chinese restaurant.
Knowing that ALL chinese weddings always start late, I decided to leave house at 730 *despite the invitation card stated dinner will start at 730*
The dinner only starts at close to 9 okay! 

Very limited pictures because too busy eating and uhm most of them speaks cantonese or mandarin;
communication barrier :( :( 

The only picture with the bride and groom but all of us are looking at another camera (-.-) 
Will definitely steal it from Randy.

wilson, jason, ivan, evely, kiki, me 

with the beautiful bride, Evely

with the groom sister :)

with the official photographer for the night, Randy.

Congrats Evely :)

And ending my post with....

a picture of myself of course ;) haha

Time to prepare to sleep. Work tmw :(
Till then, hope October is treating everyone pretty good :)

August my favourite month

Yes! I lurrrve August. 
Seriously I think August just became my second favourite month.
Of course February is my first choice la! :)
August has the most public holiday ever! /muchloves 
Week after week of holidays sometimes is doing me no good.
I became slightly lazy and eat more! 
Not forgetting my company always eat nice food leh. :(
How to eat healthy? :( 

But nevertheless, those public holidays are always well-spent.
Even though I did not head out of the country but it is with whom that I spent with that matters.

So embrace yourself with all the food pictures.. yet again ;)

Trying to be healthy for once for dinner.
Apparently according to blogger Cheesie, if you eat japanese cuisine for most of your meals, you will lose weight!
But fml only eat once then goes back to all the fried and fattening food (-.-)
Do try this. Not too bad if you prefer fuss free and no hassle ramen :)
And their specialty is you can add up to 10 different condiments into your soup =)

Ikuzo Ramen,
52, Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

I love English/Western style breakfast. 
Hence, the weekend indulgences of these :)
Guess which is mine! 
Yup, two hard boiled eggs.
But I ended up stealing some of those chessy omelettes :( 
Tried this in Departure Lounge. Am sure that they have plenty of branches but I tried it in Uptown

Departure Lounge
10, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown.

Dinner with my favourite muimui, Nikki.
After a long day of searching for our night dresses, we finally settled for this =)
I can never go wrong with any type of food when Im eating with her.
Because we both love the same kind of cuisine.
Oh yes. That's the sinful chocolate fondue as you can see. 
So far, this is the best and worth money steamboat in PJ areas :)
They even have cheese fondue. But the thing about cheese fondue is you got to be slightly picky because if they give you some low quality cheese you will feel like puking after one dip.
However, you can never go wrong with chocolate fondue.
So my advice, do not over order the steamboat set. Order perhaps 2 for 4 people (if you are going with a lot of girls la. If mostly guys then just order 1:1 lor) and get the chocolate fondue after dinner. 

Hometown Steamboat Restaurant
23-1, Jalan PJU 5/9
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Trying to eat clean by having sweet corn, sweet potatoes and tuna for brunch. 
But of course fail as you can see. 
I ended up munching some pastries from FreeMori.
And having twice tea break.
One in Starbucks. And another in Dr.Cafe.
Oh btw do not go for latte or mocha all those in Dr.Cafe.
Because quite sucky! :( 
But the foursquare tips showed that those frappes are thumbs up.
Hmm, maybe I should give Dr.Cafe another chance :)

Ok bye. Got to prepare to sleep. Work tmw! :(

Happiness and sadness

Going to blog this day and date down because I want to read back in years time and remember every single thing that happen on certain days and dates. 
Last Thursday, 9th August, I truly experience both tears of joy and sadness.
Tears of joy is because after close to 8 months, I took a step out of my comfort zone and do something challenging. Indeed it will be something that will take up most of my time.
No more flexi hours or going in and out anytime I want but...

I don't want to live through life with regret; not knowing the outcome of the IFs.

Tears of sadness is.... 
No longer having them nearby me. 
Aah comfort zone meh. 
I am sure everyone faces this issue. The issue of stepping out of comfort zone.
But nevertheless, I always believe that life is full of arrivals and departures.

People actually call us the Siamese twins.
Why! Because we both go everywhere together.
When I said that it means really everywhere together.
Toilet, smoke, eat, buy food.
Everything la :)
See. We even have the same smile. wtf haha.
We even try on crazy fad diets together /teary eyes

and my angels ;) 

The noisiest bunch in the office. haha

Thank you katy for the wonderful gift ;) 
It's funny how we got close. 
From doesn't really talk to each other to being clubbing kaki to smoking kaki to everything :)

Seriously. All my close gfs all stay dam far! (-.-)
Klang, Subang & now Ampang :(

Fei Chai younger brother Adrian
He address me as fei poh anyway! So i think i deserve to call him fei chai (-.-)

the eating group :X

the k-pop guy in the office.
Woah my eye bags and dark circle are......speechless :(

Okay. Time for some drama catching up.

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